World’s Best Hotels

The hotels mentioned in this list aren’t the world best hotels, because there is not true standard, but rest assured, these are one of the most amazing places to stay a night in.

Amangiri in Utah:

Amangiri’s location itself is awe-inspiring, tucked safely between dunes and canyons inside a protected valley, things cannot get more natural than this. Utah’s Amangiri resort is considered as one of the standard-setters for desert hotels by the world. With concrete walls, furniture of rough timber,  muted brown color, and a strange relation to the desert, Amangiri resort will be a great trip, shoud you decide to travel to Utah.

Qasr Al Sarab:

Empty Quarter is the world’s largest uninterrupted desert of the world, located in Abu Dhabi. The fact that Qasr Al Sarab is present on the edge of this desert, make it enough to realize that there is no venturing of into the wilderness that can outrun the remoteness of Qasr Al Sarab. The very first look of the hotel will feel like Mirage, a vast palace-like structure with firm walls surrounding it, in the middle of absolute nowhere.

Scarabeo Camp:

See from a distance and feel like someone has dropped white cloth in the middle of the desert, check. Enter and find the luxury that could easily match with the most high-end luxury hotels in Marrakech, check. A retro-safari aesthetic comprising of elements like vintage chests, rush matting, irons lanterns, and more, check. Add astounding view of the Atlas mountain range from many angles and you will be able to imagine the stunning experience of Scarabeo Camp in Morocco. But of course, the real experience is when you visit it.