Top 5 Beaches Along the Pacific Coast

If you love sun, sand, and surf, a Pacific Coast beach tour should be on your bucket list. Start with the following top five beaches in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Rialto Beach in Washington

Olympic National Park is home to several Washington beaches worth a visit. One of the best is Rialto Beach. Here, visitors can often spot seals and sea lions. The 3 miles of sand-and-gravel beach are easy to walk, so take the time to explore. Two of the most iconic attractions are Split Rock, a tree-topped sea stack with two pinnacles, and Hole-in-the-Wall, a rock through which the ocean has carved a tunnel and formed a cave-like sea arch.

Westport Beach in Washington

Westport Beach is only a few hours from Seattle, which means it receives plenty of visitors throughout the year. However, its location isn’t the only draw. Westport is a great place to catch some waves, and it also hosts its own surfing competition, the Clean Water Classic, each year.

If surfing isn’t your thing, visit during the spring for some whale watching. Bring a shovel and bucket to harvest razor clams, or take some pictures at the Grays Harbor Lighthouse.

Cannon Beach in Oregon

Cannon Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Oregon thanks to Haystack Rock, a sea stack that rises 235 feet above the water. Visit during the summer, and you’ll get to see the puffins, murres, cormorants, and other seabirds that make their nests on Haystack Rock. For stunning panoramic views of the area, spend some time hiking the trails nearby in Ecola State Park.

Laguna Beach in California

Laguna Beach is an Orange County town with several different beaches. It consistently ranks among the best beaches in Southern California. Main Beach and Thousand Steps Beach are both great places to go to join a game of volleyball. Treasure Island, meanwhile, is known for its tide pools.

In general, Laguna Beach offers white sand and calm waters, but you can still find a few spots that are great for surfing, such as Thalia Street Beach and Rockpile Beach. You’ll also find several coves along Laguna Beach’s shoreline.

Laguna Beach isn’t the only top-notch beach in this area; you can easily spend a few days here without running out of new beaches to explore. Why not kick off your shoes and stay awhile? Explore the diversity of Anaheim hotels using Hotel Planner when you’re ready to book a room. Anaheim offers easy access to Orange County beaches, and Hotel Planner can help you find the best rates and deals available.

Glass Beach in California

While you’re in California, don’t forget to visit a few northern beaches. Among the most memorable is Glass Beach, a setting covered in dazzling sea glass. This feature of the beach was formed over years of trash being dumped into the ocean. Over time, the ocean smoothed and rounded broken pieces of glass before returning the material to the beach. Have fun hunting for pieces of glass, but be sure not to take any with you.

For your next beach vacation, consider visiting one or all of these amazing Pacific Coast beaches. Although Southern California beaches are an obvious choice, remember that some of the best stretches of shoreline are farther north in Washington, Oregon, and Southern California.