South Pacific Travel Tips

Visiting Polynesia is a dream vacation for many travelers due to its luxury, tranquility, and tropical atmospheres. The islands that make up both Polynesia and French Polynesia are diverse, and each one is a temptation in its own way. Traveling there isn’t out of reach as long as you put in some serious planning beforehand.

Put Together an Island Itinerary

Most visitors who come to Polynesia enjoy hopping from island to island. Most of the atolls and archipelagos are so close together that you can skip effortlessly from one to the other. Before booking a ticket, however, you need to research the different islands to figure out average costs, the vibe, the accommodations available, and the activities open to visitors.

Each territory has its own attitude. Tuvalu is the place for loners who love quiet vacations in all-but-undiscovered locations. Easter Island is a must-see UNESCO site that’s ideal for anyone with an anthropological bent. Bora Bora is where you go for a romantic getaway. For a decidedly Hobbit-esque holiday, Norfolk Island (which lies right between Australia and New Zealand) is the place to go. Of course, to island hop, it’s essential to make sure you choose spots that are within proximity to each other.

Be Flexible About Flights

It’s rare to find a direct flight to any of the Polynesian islands. That doesn’t help with island hopping. “Rare” does not mean “impossible,” though, provided you have the patience to search for a while. It pays to download travel apps geared toward finding flights. The itinerary you make for yourself might not stick. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t go exactly where you want. Create a backup list and, if need be, create your travel plan based on the flights that are both available and affordable.

Find Suitable Accommodation

Once you know where you’re going, you need to research the island (or islands) you want to visit. What kind of accommodations do they have? Check out HotelPlanner for great hotels in Bora Bora, Taha’a, Rangiroa, and Moorea, along with anywhere else you intend to visit. You can tweak your search results to include affordable room rates, kitchenettes, indoor pools — whatever must-haves top your list. You won’t have a problem comparison shopping and getting the best value for your money, regardless of your budget.

Don’t Waste Luggage Space

Be real about your vacation. You’re heading toward the equator, and probably right over it. The weather is hot. On Polynesian islands with jungle habitats, the air is often hot, humid, and sticky. You don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe. There’s no reason to pack sweaters or a winter jacket “just in case.” You’re probably going to spend most of your time in swimming trunks or a bathing suit. Save space, hassle, and time by drafting a realistic packing list. Put together a few killer warm-weather ensembles, some casual pieces, your swimsuit, and flip-flops. You’re done.

The only travel trip you really need is to make smart choices as you plan. A Polynesian vacation is too involved to head off on a whim. What tips do you swear by on vacation?