World’s Best Hotels

The hotels mentioned in this list aren’t the world best hotels, because there is not true standard, but rest assured, these are one of the most amazing places to stay a night in. Amangiri in Utah: Amangiri’s location itself is awe-inspiring, tucked safely between dunes and canyons inside a protected valley, things cannot get more… Read More

Top New Travel Cities

We’ve put together 5 Up and Coming Travel Spots for 2017. Starting with the easy breezy beautiful beachy coasts to mystical locales with deep cultural histories. Let us know about your journeys to these special destinations. For a serious beach getaway El Nido, Philippines is your new go to! El Nido is located in the… Read More

Travelling on a Tight Budget

Every once in a while, we take time off our busy schedules to explore and experience the world. Despite the excitement and fulfillment that comes with traveling, there is no denying it is a hefty and expensive exercise. A decent holiday spent on traveling can potentially drain your accounts if not properly planned for. When… Read More