Beat the Crowds on Your Next Trip to Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is home to a lively downtown area and beautiful beaches. Since there is so much to do, Jacksonville is a popular place to visit. If you want to travel to Jacksonville without having to battle the crowds, try going during off-peak times and booking as much in advance as possible.

Try the Shoulder Months

Instead of going to Jacksonville during the prime season, consider going during the shoulder months. Instead of planning a trip June through August, try April, early May, or September. You usually get good weather during these off-peak months, and you’ll get a reprieve from the heat and humidity, too. You won’t have the crowds that the peak season brings, and you can get pretty good discounts on plane tickets, hotels, and excursions.

Avoid Spring Break

Spring break typically occurs at the end of March or early April for most schools. Although it might be tempting to book your trip then if your kids are out of school, you’re going to have to battle the crowds at the beach and pay a premium for your trip. Jacksonville also tends to be a popular spring break destination for college kids, which can get a little loud and crowded, especially if you’re traveling with younger children.

Book Tickets and Excursions Online

Instead of renting a boat after you arrive, plan ahead for any activities or excursions. Many times you can get good deals and discounts when you book your trip online, and you won’t have to worry about standing in long lines either. The same is true if you want to visit any museums around Jacksonville during your vacation. Some online tickets also offer jump-the-line programs that help you to avoid the crowds and the long lines.

Watch for Major Events

Unless you want to go to one of Jacksonville’s festivals or events, know when major events are happening so you can plan around them. Jacksonville has awesome festivals and other events throughout the year. Check websites that list the big events in and around Jacksonville before you plan your vacation so you can avoid those crowds.

Book Your Hotel in Advance

You don’t want to get stuck in a hotel that doesn’t work for your family because you waited too long to book it. If you’re concerned about having to change your trip, find a hotel that allows you to cancel your hotel if necessary. Booking in advance helps you get a better rate on your hotel, and it won’t limit your options based on availability. Check out Jacksonville hotelsĀ early instead of procrastinating to make your life a lot easier.

You don’t want to get to Jacksonville to start your vacation and realize you’re going to be battling major crowds all week. If you’re traveling with your kids, you also want to make sure it’s a family-friendly time to go. As long as you plan ahead and do research, you can beat the crowds and have a great vacation.